The Origin of Bowen

Tom Bowen originator of the Bowen Technique
The Bowen Technique originated in Australia where it was developed by a man called Tom Bowen. So popular was the treatment that he was treating around 13,000 people a year.

What is certain is that he had dramatic effects. A study into complementary therapies in Australia included his practice, and showed that he was having a 90% success rate with one or two sessions!

He died in 1982 but had taught his technique to a small number of people.

In 1993 it was brought to the UK where a handful of people started the huge task of training people how to do the therapy and of promoting its efficacy.

It is still therefore relatively new to the UK which is why you are probably only hearing of it now.

Research is ongoing – its popularity with the general public has grown exponentially.

There are now over 26,000 Bowen Therapists worldwide and great interest has been shown by the media over the last number of years.